Why Alamoxie?

Ethical Approach

Trust is important in Alamoxie Web Design. We want the best for your business. You’ll find no “black hat” SEO tactics here.

Continual Improvement

Technology is a fast-paced world. The best tools to help your website didn’t exist ten years ago. They may not have existed five years ago. Some may have come out last year, or last month. You need a web design company that does not stagnate, but is continually learning. Many of the stories on the blog are a direct result of our learning experiences from day to day, perpetually improving.

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Some might be surprised that so much of the knowledge and expertise of Alamoxie is shared on the blog.

Aren’t we worried about competitors stealing web design secrets?

The web is built on openness and information sharing. Not only that, but we are focused on the niche market of small businesses in San Antonio, which greatly reduces the number of direct competitors. Even for those in San Antonio, if they wished to invest time in studying information online to improve their practices, they would have already done so from many sources other than this website. And if some are inspired by this to write their own blog and share their own tips–that’s wonderful, then everyone, especially San Antonio small businesses, wins.

What if a potential client decides to build the website themself?

More power to you! Hopefully from reading through the blog you will get some idea of how complex a field web design is. You have to be concerned about security, SEO, accessibility and much more. If someone does find the information on this site useful in creating their own personal or small business website, that is wonderful–we’re happy to help. If you like the information presented here and know of someone with a small business who needs a website, feel free to refer them to us!